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The Problem

Thousands of lives are lost each year due to delays and confusion around 9-1-1 callers’ locations because of limitations in how the system was designed. Calls are often routed to the wrong jurisdiction, address and latitude and longitude information are often wrong or not provided at all, and people lose their lives or suffer more than they had to as a result.

Our company and our platform were created for the sole purpose of solving this problem

The Simple Facts...

Dion Lim, WTSP in Tampa

If you don't know the address of where you're calling from, chances are the authorities won'tbe able to find you

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight

911 losing valuable time because dispatchers have trouble determining your location is not unusual.

USA Today

Your chance of 911 getting a quick fix on location ranges from as low as 10% to as high as 95%

911 dispatcher in Prince's case

OK, your cellphone's not gonna tell me where you're at, so I need you to find me an address

Steven Eckert and A.J. Lagoe , KARE

LaaSer gave the correct address, within seconds.

Brendan Keefe, 911: Lost on the Line

Emergency callers get connected to the wrong 911 call center so often, dispatchers have dedicated buttons to transfer victims to neighboring departments

Brendan Keefe, 911: Lost on the Line

My phone knows exactly where I am, but my phone doesn't tell you where I am

Jacquene Curlee, Shannell Anderson's Mom

When you call 911, you need to know where your location is, because right at this point in time, you're phone's not going to tell them.

Randy Ankney, whose mother died while waiting for 911

We need this technology. This technology is going to save lives.

Bud Mertz, 911 Director in Pittsburgh

This has shown that it did work. This is what we need.

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The Solution

LaaSer is patented enhanced location information and call routing platform that is designed to solve the problem of a caller being connected to a 9-1-1 call center (Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP) that can’t dispatch help to their location (known as a Phase 1 misroute) and to provide significantly better location information to PSAP operators.

At its core, it is a technology suite that runs in the cloud and on any mobile device that delivers accurate location information about the caller to 911 operators immediately. It does this using existing infrastructure, meaning that the carriers, the handset manufacturers, and 911 call centers do not have to change any of their systems in order to receive the benefits LaaSer offers. And it works today.

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